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Candice Orlando // Executive Director of UrbiCulture

Triad Journal

Winter forgets to nurture. Warmth seeps out from spaces in the soil and ice creeps in, uninviting beasts and plants from dark alcoves.

We meet Candice Orlando in a winter garden, one of UrbiCulture Community Garden’s numerous plots in Denver. It is barren. Daylight moseys out from behind a partial cloud covering. It is the kind of light that warms...

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Amber Cobb & Laura Shill // Artists

Triad Journal

Written by Camilla Sterne & Photo by Ting

Amber Cobb and Laura Shill’s space in Tank Studios is filled with pink wool blankets, discarded mattresses and a plethora of tiny glossy objects that seem simultaneously phallic and mammarian.

Their creations are at once invitingly soft and pillowy, yet also off putting in their brazen and unapologetically bodily function. Their art deliberately encourages the gaze to rest upon its fleshy mounds and inadvertently invites the unwanted touch...

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Simone Pier // DJ and Agent

Triad Journal

25-year-old DJ and owner of Simone Says LLC Simone Pier exudes the kind of confidence that eases the room, rounding the edges just enough to allow its inhabitants to slacken their hips. Whether this is an innate self-assurance or one she has honed over time, Simone isn’t...

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Knomia Monika // Photographer

Triad Journal

Knomia Monika, as her name might suggest, is equal parts Knomia and Monika. 

Her given name, Monika, seems to represent her more earthly parts. The part that acknowledges the hardships of parenthood and shows up to meet us at ...

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