By Shawn Dalton-Bethea, M.D. of Greensboro Rejuvenation

Don’t live in denial men! This is a MALE problem too! Testosterone starts dropping 1 percent after age 30.
Hormonal imbalance typically affects women older than 35 and 80 percent greater than age of 50. Hormones are natural chemicals within the cells of our bodies, which circulate through our adipose tissue (fat), blood, and organs.

When our hormones levels are sub-optimal, we can experience many of the following:

• Weight gain (especially
• Vaginal dryness
• No sex drive
• Night sweats
• Muscle bulk loss & weakness
• Migraines
• Memory lapses/concentration
• Irritability/mood swings
• Insomnia
• Inability to lose weight despite
healthy diet & exercise
• Hot fl ashes
• Hair loss & thinning
• Fatigue/poor energy
• Dyspareunia (painful
• Depression
• Anxiety

Contributing factors to hormonal imbalance include:

stress levels we put up with, poor food choices, inadequate sleep, synthetic hormones use, toxins we absorb from daily
sources, chronic fatigue syndrome, thyroid dysfunction, autoimmune disease, lack of proper exercise, sedentary lifestyle, (peri)menopause, andropause (male menopause), and genetics.

Balanced hormones protect our bones, brain, breast, reproductive organs, and heart, plus decreases risk of disease while allowing OPTIMAL FUNCTION AND AGING!

The first step to balance is obtaining your hormone levels and addressing other applicable organs such as your thyroid
and adrenal glands.
Hormone levels can be optimized through hormone replacement therapy (HRT) using tiny natural bio-identical (aka
grains) pellets placed just under the skin in the adipose tissue (fat). THESE PELLETS ARE NOT SYNTHETIC BASED! That is the beauty of them. They circulate through our bodies over a 3-9 month time frame markedly changing quality of life!!

Hormone pellet implantation is a PAINLESS in office procedure. You can return to MOST lines of work the
same day the treatment is performed; however, those involved in very vigorous activities may need temporary restrictions. Hormone pellets have been safely and successfully used since 1939.

Hear from some firm believers in HRT here in the Triad:

“I was told nothing else could be done to give me my
sex drive back. My husband is grateful that an
answer indeed was found! I got my groove back!”
– Saundra, age 71

“I’m making up for lost time! Testosterone
replacement therapy was the best Christmas
gift to my wife and self!”

 – Todd, age 51

When our hormones are optimized, we can regain our sexual vitality, sleep better, have more energy, and feel better overall. Don’t wait any longer. Get your hormones “up” to where they should be! Call Dr. Bethea and her Greensboro Rejuvenation Team or email them to take that next step to optimal living!