Natural Pain Relief Through PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

By Shawn Dalton-Bethea, M.D. of Greensboro Rejuvenation

Not every painful condition requires surgery. Your body has the natural capability to heal injured, damaged areas. You are able to do this through your PRP (platelet rich plasma). Following a simple blood draw, and a 9 minute spin, concentrated PRP is removed from your
whole blood. Dense PRP houses healing growth factors (aka bioactive proteins). These bioactive proteins are important for the growth of new tissue wherever your PRP is injected. Because PRP comes from YOU, allergic reactions aren’t an issue.

PRP has been effective for treating the following:
Arthritis, Bursitis, Carpal Tunnel, Cartilage Tears, Golfer’s Elbow, Labral Tears, Muscle Trigger Spots, Nerves (Arms & Legs), Occipital Headaches, Plantar Fasciitis, Rotator Cuff Tears, Tendinopathy, Tennis Elbow, Trigger Fingers

PRP therapy continues to be a safe, conservative, cost effective alternative to surgery. Just ASK our Triad community!

“I had bad pain in my thumbs, wrists, and my upper back. I
had a right 4th trigger finger. On 8/4/16, I had PRP therapy.
My finger hasn’t triggered since then. My wrists are great. I
continue to have minimal discomfort in my thumbs. Upper back
muscles only get tight if I work too much!” – Beatrix Tan, Office
Administrator (Kernersville)

“I could barely walk with a cane and knee brace because I had
completely torn right knee cartilage. I was supposed to undergo
knee surgery but couldn’t. I had PRP therapy 11/24/15. I was
back in the gym in January 2016. I did get a 2nd treatment
8/29/16 but haven’t since needed ANY OTHER treatments.
My right knee is doing great without surgery!” – Pastor Andrei
Spells, DTh (Greensboro)

“I couldn’t lift my left arm because of terrible left shoulder pain.
This was due to a full thickness rotator cuff tendon tear, bursitis,
and arthritis. I had ONE PRP treatment 11/18/16. I gained ALL of
my range of motion back and have no left shoulder pain without
surgery!” – Tracie Farrell, LPN (Winston-Salem)

“I had chronic low back and hip pain since 2002 after doing
a set of very heavy deadlifts. I had persistent left shoulder
& elbow pain even after reconstruction, which was due to a
MVA 2016. I had PRP therapy of my low back facet joints, left
shoulder, and left elbow 3/18/18. I was able to compete this
year. I can deadlift 900+lbs again!” – Bobby Boyd, Competitive
Bodybuilder (Burlington)

Since 2015, we have successfully treated over 200 patients with PRP therapy. We have the MOST experience in the Triad with PRP therapy for pain relief.

 Many other patients are happy to discuss their PRP treatment successes. Call OR email us to learn more about pain relief via
conservative, minimally invasive, regenerative PRP therapy!

“….[We] are fearfully and wonderfully made…” – Psalm 139:14