04 Oct


Discover ways you can contribute your passions, skills and experiences in a fulfilling post-retirement career.

By Patty Aiken, Owner, Home Instead Senior Care

Many people envision their retirement as a time to do all the things they’ve been meaning to do for ages—travel, spend
time with friends, family, and grand-kids, or even clean out the basement. Many have created their “bucket list” of things they want to do or places they want to go.

However, after a while, retirees often find themselves longing for the structure, sense of purpose, and fulfillment of a career.
Older adults can rewrite their retirement in many ways. And, the benefits of a “second career” could offer more flexibility,
personal satisfaction and fulfillment, social connections, and even a chance to give back to the community. Today’s post-retirement landscape is undergoing a remarkable evolution.

 Historically, people tended to stay retired after leaving the workplace. But now, more men and women are redefining what this chapter of their lives will look like. Recent research from Home Instead, Inc. franchiser of the Home Instead Senior Care® network, suggests more than half (53%) of those who are still working and anticipating retiring in the next five years believe they are likely to return to work after retirement, while 41% of those who are “unretired,” or have returned to work after announcing their retirement, believed they would do so.

The majority of older workers say they’re aware of this shifting paradigm, as 74% of retirees and 80% of those who
are soon to retire said the retirement experience has changed somewhat or very significantly in the last decade, with the number of people returning to work after retirement being the biggest perceived change.

The life and work experiences of older adults can provide a tremendous benefit to organizations who can use these
experiences to help them prosper and grow. A common theme from retirees in choosing a new career was the importance of making a positive difference in the lives of others. Some of these opportunities can provide supportive income but some can be volunteering for organizations who need the expertise and/or the manpower to help them accomplish their goals while providing a rewarding experience for the “retiree”.

If you are considering “unretiring yourself”, discover ways you can contribute your passions, skills and experiences in a fulfilling post-retirement career. Learn about paid or volunteer opportunities and get tips for successfully reentering the workforce. Get inspiration from others who are happily unretired. Many older adults with backgrounds in a variety of industries have found fulfilling post-retirement careers. You can learn more at www.UnRetireYourself.com.

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