Growing High Point is an urban farming organization that transforms vacant lots in the core of High Point, North Carolina into sustainable urban gardens. This initiative sprouted in the Fall of 2016 as one of the HaydenHarman Foundation’s community projects and is now operating as its own non-profit. In just one year’s time, the Growing High Point team was able to plant a total of 7 urban farms, all located in a one-mile radius off of East Green Drive.

     By transforming vacant spaces, we are able to revitalize neighborhoods and bring about positive change. Our vision is to transform neighborhoods located in food deserts by developing sustainable micro-enterprises managed and operated by core-city residents. Our goals are to educate on nutrition and sustainable gardening, give access to fresh vegetables, and provide economic opportunities. 

     Growing High Point is transforming under resourced neighborhoods through community engagement, empowerment, and entrepreneurship. We envision a city that has dynamic and vibrant neighborhoods that provide access and opportunities to every resident. 

    To learn more about Growing High Point, visit or contact our Urban Farm Facilitator at 


Funding. Donations help to continue growing and expanding our operations in core city neighborhoods. Checks can be made out to “Growing High Point” and mailed to 710 E Washington Drive, High Point, NC 27260

 • Volunteers. We can use all the help we can get on urban farms. We have volunteer opportunities posted throughout the week. Volunteer events will be listed on our website’s events calendar and on social media.

 • Land. We are continuously looking for land to convert into urban farms. If anyone is interested in donating land, they can contact us at or call (336) 848-1516

 • Support. We need to give support to our local urban farmers at the High Point Farmers Market

 • Attend Growing High Point Events. See the latest events at our website: growinghighpoint. org/about-us/events-calendar/ • Follow us. on Facebook and Instagram @GrowingHighPoint for the latest news and updates on how we are transforming High Point. 

Letter to our supporters:

 In light of the need to ensure that fresh food is available to the community, our Urban Farmers are working diligently on their farms to get local produce to our community in the safest way possible because our primary concern is the health and safety of our customers and supporters. We are taking guidance from the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Service (NCDA&CS), and the National Farmers Market Coalition. How we will implement safety at the farmers market:

 ● Our farmers will wear gloves and change them frequently.

 ● Shoppers will not be allowed to touch or see our products. For the safety of our customers, we will keep products covered and behind our tables at all times. We will hand off produce by placing it on a sanitary table for our customers to grab or we will hand it off in new plastic bags.

 ● We will have a chalkboard with all of our available products on it.

 ● We will have hand sanitizer at our table. 

● We will make sure that customers in line stand 6 feet apart from one another. 

● We would like to minimize cash transactions. ● We will not be offering any product samples How our farmers are implementing safety on their farms, in the food hub, and with produce boxes:

● We will not be inviting volunteers to help on our farms. 

● We will not be hosting tours on our farms. 

● Only authorized personnel who have taken GAP certification courses and signed specific lease agreements are allowed in the Food Hub and on the Urban Farms. 

● All Food Hub personnel will be changing gloves and washing hands regularly. A general reminder for everyone: 

● When shopping at the farmers market, please prioritize your essential food purchasing and minimize social gatherings at the market as much as possible. Keep your gatherings to small groups and spread out while catching up with your neighbors.

● If you are an at-risk population (particularly older adults or immune-compromized individuals) we encourage you to prioritize your own health and minimize your exposure to large groups of people. Reach out to us at about delivery options. 

● Please take note if you are experiencing symptoms such as fever or dry cough, to stay home, to take care of yourself and protect others if you are sick.

● Please remember to wash your hands frequently, cover your mouth with a tissue or the crease of your elbow if you cough or sneeze, and avoid touching your face. ○ When and how to wash your hands: 

We also want our customers and supporters to know that everyone has different comfort levels and concerns in regards to COVID-19. We are so thankful for all of the support (from folks supporting us at home through social media and those that are seeing us at the farmers market and purchasing produce boxes). During these unprecedented times, this is where we are right now. We know that things are changing rapidly so keep and eye out for any updates. Again, thank you all for the support and stay safe and healthy out there. 

-The Growing High Point Team