By Shawn Dalton-Bethea, M.D. of Greensboro Rejuvenation

PRP (platelet rich plasma) treatment is an innovative treatment used to repair damaged or injured tissue in the body. This minimally invasive procedure aids the body’s regenerative process by leveraging human growth factors contained in platelets. As PRP is autologous in nature, derived from your body, rejection or allergic reactions are minimized. PRP has successfully treated pain related to the following conditions:

• Bursitis  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  • Cartilage Tears  • Degenerative Disc Disease

• Facet Joint Arthritis  • Golfer’s Elbow  • Peripheral Joint Arthritis (knees, hips, shoulders, ankles, etc.)

• Plantar Fasciitis  • Rotator Cuff Tears  • Pinched Nerves

• Sacroiliac Joint Arthritis  • Tennis Elbow   • Trigger Points (muscles)

Professional athletes have reaped the benefi ts of PRP treatment since the late 1990’s. Many were initially treated in Germany and/or Canada because PRP treatment was not offered in the US. Professional Athlete Examples:

• Maria Sharapova (tennis)  • Dara Torres (swimming) • Cat Zingano (MMA fi ghter)

• Tyson Gay (sprinter)  • Jean Pascal (boxing)  • Tiger Woods (golf)  • Alex Rodriquez (baseball)

• Kobe Bryant (basketball)  • Hines Ward (football)  • Nicky Hayden (Indy Racer)

PRP Procedure

A minimum of 20ml of blood is obtained and centrifuged. Plasma and platelets (PRP) are separated from the whole blood. PRP mix is placed in the painful areas at the same visit.  PRP is not just a treatment for professional athletes. It continues to be safe and effective for those in the Triad and surrounding states!


“My right wrist and thumb were very weak. I didn’t want to do carpal tunnel surgery. Following PRP treatment, all my wrist and thumb weakness resolved. Intense throbbing hasn’t returned. My right shoulder and left wrist were treated too. The pain hasn’t returned in these areas.” – Michelle, age 43

“I had PRP for my back, right hip, knee, and ankle pain. I wasn’t able to cross my right leg over my left for 2 years until I had PRP. My ankle, knee, and back pain are gone. My hip pain continues to decrease.” – Bev, age 53

“My left rotator cuff was nearly torn from the bone. I was skeptical that PRP would work. I didn’t want surgery though. My torn rotator cuff has completely healed. I have full range of motion and no pain.” – Tracy, age 56

“I could barely lift my right arm because my shoulder hurt so much. My right knee hurt too. It took about 3 months for me to heal. PRP saved me from surgery. Now, I have no pain.” – Debra, age 60

“My thumbs and shoulders were very painful. After PRP, all my shoulder pain is gone. My left thumb is much better. My right thumb is still improving.” – Claudia, age 63

“I had right shoulder, back, and right thigh pain. I’ve had right shoulder surgery and a lumbar fusion. I didn’t want any more surgery. My shoulder doesn’t hurt any more. My back and right leg doesn’t bother me like they did before PRP” – Jean, age 70

Any medications or supplements, which interfere with plasma and platelet interaction, must be stopped 3-7 days before AND after PRP treatment.

Those patients who cannot stop medications such as steroids and/or immune system suppressants are not PRP but are stem cell candidates.

Call or email us today. See fi rst hand how PRP can help you maximize your performance and quality of life starting this summer 2019.